Zedd’s “Stay The Night” feat. Guest Vocals from Hayley Williams

Zedd’s “Stay The Night” feat. Guest Vocals from Hayley Williams

On September 3rd, Zedd released a preview of his new track “Stay The Night” featuring guest vocals from Hayley Williams.  The young producer loves to partner up with beautiful voices so choosing Paramore’s lead vocalist was a terrific choice.  This new, catchy, progressive-house track has been confirmed to be part of the deluxe edition of his previously released Clarity EP  which will come out September 24th. After only a short preview of the new track, it gives much promise and high expectations that it will surpass his previous hit, “Clarity” feat. Foxes, which peaked at #3 on Beatport.

This is what Zedd himself has to say about the new song…

“I love building a track around a vocal,” says Zedd. “It enables me to marry the melodies and harmonies together so they fit like a glove which is what i tried to do with ‘Stay The Night’ .  Hayley sounds amazing on the record, she really brought it to life with her emotion and attitude. I’m extremely excited to have her on the song and can’t wait for both of our fans to hear it.”

As for the video itself… I love it!  The director didn’t have much trouble creating the beautiful, energetic and loving setting, because all he had to do was record one of Zedd’s shows.   If you haven’t seen him live by now, this video will make you order your tickets immediately



Update (Sept 14th) : Full Version