Waka Flocka Working with Skrillex, Flosstradamus and Diplo on EDM Album

Waka Flocka Working with Skrillex, Flosstradamus and Diplo on EDM Album

Waka Flocka

There’s no denying that EDM is making tremendous headway into becoming the most sought out genre of music in the industry.  The only downside is now that every musical artist is trying to weasel their way into the scene.  First it started with Paris Hilton, who attempted and FAILED at becoming a DJ, and even more recently, Nick Cannon creating a House Music album titled White People Party Music.  Now, the self-titled “punk-rapper” Waka Flocka has unveiled that he has begun working on an EDM album of his own.  With Trap music becoming very popular in the club scenes recently, it was only a matter of time that Hip-Hop/ Rap artists would create EDM albums of their own. Waka Flocka says you should expect to see collaborations with Skrillex, Flosstradamus and Diplo along with a few other underground names in the upcoming album.  

According to Hip Hop DX, this is what Waka Flocka has to say about his album: “’Club jumpin’ like I’m Skrillex, get ‘em Diplo…’ The King of Rap EDM is me. I’ve been there. Punk rap, that’s EDM. People didn’t understand what I was saying, now they do.  I see a lot of my students, I’m like the principal, I’m here to talk. The King of Rap EDM is me”.

As of now it is unclear whether the EDM album is the October 5th release, Flockaveli 2, or if it’s an unrelated album to be released further down the line.  The only thing the Atlanta rapper has to say about the album is, “That shit hard. It’s hard. It’s haaaaard”.

Check out FACT TV’s interview with Waka Flocka Flame below.