Veara (feat. Dan “Soupy” Campbell of The Wonder Years) – “Growing Up Is Killing Me”

Veara (feat. Dan “Soupy” Campbell of The Wonder Years) – “Growing Up Is Killing Me”

It’s been a while since Georgia’s own pop-punk band, Veara, has released new material, but it’s definitely been worth the wait.  “Growing Up Is Killing Me“, the title of their new single and full length album, is set to release in September under Epitaph Records. The released single features front-man Dan “Soupy” Campbell of ‘The Wonder Years’, which adds to the songs already high-intensity energy that will undoubtedly force you to jam out every time you hear it.  

The band started writing the record at the end of 2011 and completed writing and recording it at the end of summer of 2012.  For those of you who are a little upset with the band for not releasing any new material since their last album “What We Left Behind” in 2010, they do apologize for the delay and have this to say…

“We aren’t “rockstars”. We work regular jobs when we are at home, so between writing and working, it took us a while longer to complete the writing for this record.  The extra time we took is what it “took” to make this record perfect. We as a band could not be MORE stoked on “Growing Up Is Killing Me” and we are confidant once you hear it, you will be too.”

All I have to say is, NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE!  

Veara will be making their way to the East Coast this September while on tour, so purchase your tickets while you can because their shows ALWAYS blow up and sell out!