Support The Lumineers, Support Colorado

Support The Lumineers, Support Colorado

A balance between profound and simple, intense and lightheartedness, thought provoking and jolly.  This is how I’d describe The Lumineers self titled album.  I don’t I feel need to even address the mark that Colorado trio has made on the music scene.  Therefore, I won’t.  Their recent news, however, makes the public love this humble band even more so than they already did.  Three days ago, the group released their video for “Submarines”.


Lately, when it comes to music videos, many artists are taking the animated approach.  The song itself tells us a story of “a boy who cried wolf”, claiming different ideas that nobody takes seriously.  Conversely, I think the video this song enhances this message (at least for me it did).  “Submarines” takes the unheard individual and turns him into an unsung hero.  He acknowledges and accepts that he’s only person who knows the good he did for his fellow man, who ironically mocked him previously.  The message embedded into the song just gives listeners an honest perception of the group.  To clarify, I’m confident the heart that was put into this song must have been made of gold.  Furthermore, the group has just posted something that makes the trio even more special.

As I have previously noted, The Lumineers are from Colorado.  If you haven’t seen the news lately, Colorado has had detrimental flood damage for the past couple weeks.  All Lumineers online proceeds from yesterday into today were donated to the United Ways of Colorado Flood Recovery Fund.  I wish I saw this earlier for I don’t know when this 24 hour period started, thus I have no idea when it ends.  There is nothing more special than when a band has the opportunity to give back to their community from which they came.

Check our their website or their online shop to help support The Lumineers and Colorado.