Seven Sisters Of Sleep: Doom…As Told By Punk

Seven Sisters Of Sleep: Doom…As Told By Punk

“We are all fans of older metal however we have a very punk ethic of delivering our music to the listener”.

Words spoken incredibly accurately by the doom punk fusion that is Seven Sisters of Sleep.  This band has been keeping a relentless work ethic delivering new music such as their most recent full length album, Opium Morals.  They break down the motivation for their style of music as crediting their short attention spans’ in regards to music, with their refrain from not making things too technical, also while not simplifying the music to the point of being monotonous.

Guitarist Brock Elmore describes the bands philosophy as “keeping it simple”.  That may, in fact, sound difficult because of the genre that is doom metal.  This genre is more complex than your run of the mill punk songs, but for some reason, Elmore and the rest of the band states that making a proper doom metal song three minutes long is no easy task.  The band creates a staircase effect with their albums, and by that statement, one can describe the progression of the music from their first E.P to their recent release as an ‘ever growing vessel of nihilism and hatred’. Undertones of the occult and dark ritual fuel the albums dissonant, droning journey that personally, left a story board in my head that spoke of demons and witch craft.  The album also left me with a new found respect and desire to discover more music that helped this act create what they have.  The opening track off of their second E.P, posted below, is precisely what one needs to embrace the A389 Records powerhouse that is S.S.O.S

1.) Monasteries 0:00-2:57
2.) Passed Out Standing 2:58-5:11
3.) Tide Is Rising 5:12-8:36
4.) Christmas Morning 8:36-10:54
5.) Ccec 10:54- 14:02
6.) Follow the Serpent 14:02-16:23
7.) Swamp 16:23- 18:07
8.) Beirut 18:07- 19:55