Verslopy – Sammy Adams (Versace Remix)

Verslopy – Sammy Adams (Versace Remix)

Boston’s boy Sammy Adams drops “Verslopy”, his remix of Drake and Migos’ summer jam “Versace”.  There is most definitely a twist – this song lime lights messy cougars and nights of intoxication.

When a beat becomes a hit, lots of artist want to step up to the plate and crank out a home run, which is not an easy task for this song in particular. The beat is fast and if you can’t keep up then do yourself a favor and just get off the mic, completely out of the booth –  leave the recording studio.

Sammy Adams holds his own and puts out a version that almost sounds like a completely different song.

If you like his recent work, then I suggest you check out some of Sammy Adams’ albums: Boston’s Opening Day (2010), Party Records (2010), Into the Wild (2011), and OK Cool (2012). Sammy is a young successful Rapper who is signed to RCA Records along with ASAP Rocky, Dave Mathews Band and Britney Spears to name a few. I am sure we will be hearing much more out of Sammy Adams in the near future.