Flamingo Recordings – Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ Remixes

Flamingo Recordings – Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ Remixes


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Flamingo Recordings has just released an EP featuring two remixes of Fedde Le Grand’s recent single Rockin’ N’ Rollin’. In my opinion, both remixes are absolutely dynamite tracks for peak hour play. From a DJ’s standpoint they are more mixable then the original, offering very clean drop off points and  plenty of room for multiple tracks to blend. On top of that there is no shortage of energy in either track. I expect to hear both of these remixes in some notable sets this upcoming fall season.

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First on the list is the dynamic German duo Jewelz & Scott Sparks. These two as a group have been one of my personal favorite breakout artists of 2013, having produced some earth shattering big room anthems such as “Toxic Rush”, “Hot Rod”, and “Flashbang” all under the tutelage of Fedde and his label Flamingo Recordings. They take their typical stance on this track and add a heavy tribal dynamic that thumps with a booming percussive drop. So far the German duo has never disappointed me with a release, always offering a sound final product that is meant to be heard at viciously loud decibels. 


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The Second remix is brought to us by Togglehead. I hadn’t heard much about this Canadian producer until now, but after hearing his take on the track, I have no doubt he will soon be showing up more and more in the EDM community. His remix focuses more on the bridge of the original, and really adds to the intensity of the payoff with a rolling electro drop that smoothly gates into a groove. As high-energy as the drop is, his use of gates and rising FX are what truly make this rendering pop. The build he creates from the unmistakable guitar riff of the original breeds insurmountable anticipation. This build comfortably transitions into a familiar yet elevated drop set to pop off and get the crowd moving once again. Although Jewelz and Scott Sparks have more establishment, I think I have to dub this remix my preferred of the two.

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