Record of the Week: Paul McCartney – New

Record of the Week: Paul McCartney – New

Paul McCartney’s new album, New, is a fresh take on timeless pop-rock.  Much like a Beatles album, New reaches all corners of the music spectrum, with each track taking you someplace else. Full of positive thoughts and energy, it’s tough to listen to this album and not walk away feeling optimistic.  The following is one of many highly inspiration exerpts from the album’s single, also titled “New.”

We can do what we want; we can live as we chose. You see, there’s no guarantee, we’ve got nothing to lose.

McCartney had four different producers on this album: Mark Ronson, Ethan JohnsPaul Epworth and Giles Martin.  Each one of these renowned producers contributed in their own special way, resulting in a very diverse-sounding album. For example, we are taken from the Sgt. Peppers feel of the single “New,” to the electric-driven “Appreciate”.  Every song can stand alone, while at the same time bringing a sense of completeness to the 14 track record.

Do some good before you say goodbye, preaches McCartney in “Everybody Out There.” We’re the brightest objects in the sky. If I could, I would quote this entire album. Instead, I suggest you sit back and let Sir Paul McCartney do what he does best while he takes you along on another musical journey of mixed emotions and feelings of strange serenity.

“Early Days” is an acoustic piece where Paul reminisces on his time spent with The Beatles.

They can’t take it from me if they tried; I lived through those early days.

One of the most intimate tracks on the album, he paints a picture of his young days at the record store, guitar slung across his back… it’s like you’re sitting in a room with the man himself as he narrates his story.

Speaking of the good ol’ days, this album comes with a nice dose of bouncy Beatles tunes such as “New,” “Alligator,” “On My Way to Work” and “Queenie Eye”, complete with memorable drumming, ooo’s, aaa’s and trippy bridges. Some of the faster tracks include the album opener, “Save Us”, or the disco-infused, “I Can Bet”; and I can bet that song is going to make you want to dance.

New is a fantastic album that can, and should, be enjoyed by everyone.  I’m glad and thankful that Paul McCartney, at 71, is still supplying us with innovative, catchy and inspiring songs.  In such a hectic world, amidst government shutdowns and debt ceilings, New is a welcome breath of fresh air to briefly escape your day to day troubles.