Porter Robinson Shares Emotion and Insight on Upcoming New Album

Porter Robinson Shares Emotion and Insight on Upcoming New Album

There’s been recent turmoil in the EDM community about DJs/producers getting lazy in their music production.  As sad as it is to say, it seems as though the EDM community had fallen into a rut with producers refusing to break through the cookie cutter mold that mainstream networks have created.  Porter Robinson isn’t the one to keep his mouth shut on his thoughts, similar to that of Deadmau5, and has written a short message to his fans about his upcoming album.  According to the message below ,Porter’s new album is both emotional, beautiful and vast-sounding.

hey facebook people. -[✞ – ✞]- i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here. you deserve an update about what’s up with me lately.

i’m in southeast asia at the time of writing. bangkok, thailand, specifically. i’m midway through a little tour of this part of the world, and then after that i’m going on tour in australia with the m machine for a few weeks, which should be awesome too. it’s been so cool and weird encountering fans in the streets of places i’ve never set foot on before – the earnest love i feel from total strangers is seriously moving. knowing that real people care about your music and shows and taste, even after three years, is more inspiring than you’d think. i guess that’s one advantage established artists have. thank you guys.

i talk about it constantly on twitter, too, but in case you’ve missed it somehow: i’ve spent like the last year-and-a-half writing an album. it’s really close to done. this record focuses on being emotional and beautiful and vast-sounding and i feel more strongly about it than anything i’ve ever done in my life. i’m also art directing the whole multimedia aspect of the album – i don’t want to give away exactly what that means quite yet, but i’m spending no insignificant amount of time on it.

anyway. that’s my life right now. i’m dying to show you new stuff.
i love you all