New – Paul McCartney

New – Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney has released a new single which is titled simply, “New”. Immediately, this song had me snapping my fingers, bobbing my head from left to right and most importantly, smiling.

New” is overall a happy song.

His voice is still as amazing as ever and the ‘new’ track has plenty of ooooOOOOooo’s to sing along to and test your own personal vocal range. The song is the featured track off his new album which will be released in the U.S. on 10/15.

“We can do what we want, we can live as we choose”, sings McCartney.  New” definitely has a Beatle-sy vibe, think “Getting Better” or “When I’m 64”Last year, McCartney released Kisses on the Bottom, which contained mostly covers. Aside from that, this is his first new album since 2007.

Over the last few days, McCartney has been tweeting single words which don’t seem to make sense without “new” being placed at the beginning of them such as, “York” “Moon” “Lyweds” and… “Potato”.  Admittedly, I’m not quite sure what a new potato is.

Give the track a listen below and surprise yourself with how many times you’ll hit repeat.