OneRepublic – Native

OneRepublic – Native
OneRepublic has just released their third album titled Native under the Universal Music Group umbrella through Mosley/ Interscope Records. The band acknowledges that with the industry and mainstream styles constantly changing, it is hard to keep up with he competition.  Between the evolution of music and waiting three years to release a follow-up album, they stated that they never want to wait that long again.

The album art portrays five different animals; Each of the animals representing one of the members and their individuality/ personality.  The album itself is filled with casual, laid back tracks composed of powerful vocals and catchy melodies. The two singles out before the album release are Feel Again and If I Lose Myself.  OneRepublic will be on their European tour during the month of April, so mark your calendars if you’ll be traveling abroad.

Check out the music videos for Feel Again and If I Lose Myself 



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01 – Counting Stars
02 – If I Lose Myself
03 – Feel Again
04 – What You Wanted
05 – I Lived
06 – Light It Up
07 – Can’t Stop
08 – Au Revoir
09 – Bruning Bridges
10 – Something I Need
11 – Preacher
12 – Don’t Look Down
13 – Something’s Gotta Give
14 – Life In Color
15 – If I Lose Myself (Acoustic)
16 – What You Wanted (Acoustic)
17 – Burning Bridges (Acoustic)