Mightyfools – Put Em Up

Mightyfools – Put Em Up

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Mightyfools is back and this time we have a serious crowd pleaser.  Since their first big release “Footrocker” caught all the press in the world thanks to Hardwell’s hand, Mightyfools have been added to my list of up and comers to watch out for. Sander has the pleasure of signing this track to Doorn Records, and what a smart scoop it was.  This track has been a part of the Sept 9th countdown on my calendar for a very long time.  Now that it’s finally here, Im looking forward to testing it out on NYC this Friday.

Put Em Up’s essence screams PARTY!  The drop proceeding the enticing sample of Lil Jon’s unmistakable voice is playful and catchy in an infectious manner.  Followed by a fairly retro bass that accompanies screeching high chords, the track builds towards one last hoorah, begging you to once again put em up to this now familiar party rocker.  A serious body mover; expect to raise your hands up in the air whenever this track is dropped.

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