Less Than Jake – See the Light Album Review

Less Than Jake – See the Light Album Review

Less Than Jake has been making music and reigning over the ska scene since 1992 and has just released their ninth studio album titled See the Light.  The album incorporates elements we have seen throughout all LTJ’s past albums, fusing the raw emotion of Hello Rockview and the uniqueness of In With the Out Crowd.

“Good Enough,” the opening track, could have easily been written 15 years ago and is a prime example of old school LTJ that fans have admired for so many years.  The fast paced guitar, running bass and blaring horns set a tone for the record that keeps up strong for all 13 tracks; and with only four tracks clocking in at over three minutes, this is most definitely a fast paced album.

Songs like “Do the Math” and “Give me Something to Believe In, Inc.” are prime skanking songs that will no doubt have crowds dancing their behinds off.  With dual vocal harmonies and horn driven choruses, you’ll find yourself singing along before you’ve even had a chance to hear songs fully through.

The album is appropriately named, as seeing the light is an obvious theme.  Lyrically this album is one of their best and one I’m sure many can relate to.  “Sunstroke”, for example, is a track about feeling like a stranger in your own hometown, while “The Loudest Songs” preaches believing in music to make you feel alive in troubled times.  Despite the somber content the lyrics are offset nicely by the lightheartedness in their presentation.

The album was recorded DIY style in the bands hometown of Gainesville, Florida and released on Fat Wreck Records. Packed with emotion, heart and sincerity, See the Light  is a great addition to LTJ’s discography and one I will definitely be blasting out my car stereo while driving down the shore come summer time.

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