Jake Bugg – The New Big Name in Modern Folk-Rock

Jake Bugg – The New Big Name in Modern Folk-Rock

Jake Bugg


Jake Bugg is the newest “big name” in modern folk-rock. When hearing him for the first time, none other than Bob Dylan came to my mind. Bugg, like Dylan, has a unique voice that adds to his rough and tumble lyrics. Some songs feature only Jake and his guitar (Country Song), a simplistic approach that pays homage to the 60’s folk-rock style. Other tracks add more crunch, giving a tough rock vibe that rounds out Bugg’s sound.

The singer-songwriter will be making waves in the festival scene this summer, playing at Montreux (Switzerland), Optimus Alive (Portugal), Lollapalooza (Chicago), and Osheaga (Quebec) to name a few. For the soft spoken 19 year old, playing for crowds in the thousands is “quite weird,” showing a level of humility rarely found in the music industry today. While songs like “Lightning Bolt”, “Two Fingers” and “Seen It All” are great examples of this young performers talent, other tracks seem to lose their direction.  At times I felt as though the verse and chorus were two different songs sending two distinct messages. The melodies that accompany some of his songs also seem to run astray from his full potential, sounding poppy or juvenile.  However, I think that it’s only a matter of time before Bugg matures lyrically and in musicianship to where a truly unique, yet vintage sound will emerge. Until then, Jake Bugg’s self-titled album will give you the mellow, bonfire kind of sound track that any American summer deserves.

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