Transitions: Asking Alexandria’s Biggest Tuesday

Transitions: Asking Alexandria’s Biggest Tuesday

In an ongoing series, Transitions, will look at the changing dynamic of rock and heavy music.  It will examine the logistics of what, who, and why an inevitable change is happening every week.


Every Tuesday at midnight, Nielsen releases the SoundScan charts, which is America’s officially recognized album sales count.  First week sales are reported heavily, as a second week drop has become common place especially in heavier music.  With the deflated sales numbers Billboard’s charts currently reflect in this genre, many more bands have a chance at charting higher than they would have before.  This exposure can get them onto the back page of Rolling Stone and countless websites reporting the Top 200.  However, it still takes a considerable amount to crack the top ten, something Asking Alexandria are set on doing for a second consecutive time.

From Death To Destiny came out August 6th under Sumerian Records and is widely considered as the album to watch this summer.  Most who are just familiar with the band know them as the scream and sing British five piece along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold, and that judgment would not be that far off.  With this new album, Asking Alexandria find themselves at the forefront of metalcore bands breaking down their genre labeled walls.  Alongside Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, and others these rebellious acts are embracing the mainstream culture they shunned.

“The Death Of Me” was the lead single for the album, debuting less than a month ago and has already amassed over a million views.  What you may have also noticed, besides the interesting vending machine choices, was the lack of screaming.  The new sound is meant to appeal to the radio crowd, a demographic completely untapped by Asking  Alexandria but a sound that inevitably will alienate fans in the process.  Making a sizable impact on the charts and radio will bring the band into uncharted territories.  Not just for them either, an entire scene is waiting to make the next step into the spotlight.