Harm’s Way: Mind Control Music Video

Harm’s Way: Mind Control Music Video

Chicago, Illinois musical leviathan, Harm’s Way, has once again showed why they are one of the top heavy hardcore acts to grace the scene.  Upon first hearing this track ,the listener may notice that the band has slowly moved towards the realm of a faster paced, more death metal reminiscent sound, however, has still managed to keep the sludgy dissonant tones that they have seemed to trademark and perfect as their M.O.  The video itself is very chaotic with incredibly shaky and constantly changing angles, which is complimentary to the song’s chaotic nature.  This allows the turmoil you hear to perfectly match the confusion you see.

Never afraid about pleasing an ever expanding “tough guy” crowd, the content of the video is very dark and ritualistic.  The viewer is left with free interpretation as to what the overall message of the song may be, which is another attractive trait of the band.  Regardless of how heavy they become, they are always willing to have an inner meaning that one must seek.  Harms Way’s recent signing to Deathwish Inc. holds promise for the future of this act who has already built an extensive discography and a name for themselves in hardcore music.

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