Feed the Beat and Wildcat! Wildcat!

Feed the Beat and Wildcat! Wildcat!

Feed the Beat is Taco Bell’s music program who’s intention is to “connect bands with fans and fans with bands on a social platform.  The program has recently released a rockumentary via Vevo titled Hello Everywhere.  The film was recorded at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2013 this past March and features behind the scenes footage along with interviews of Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat!  In my efforts to parallel Feed the Beat’s desire to help lift up-and-coming bands, I will not be discussing Passion Pit during this post.  Instead, my focus turns to Wildcat! Wildcat! who’s South by Southwest show was their largest show yet, contrary to Passion Pit where this was the smallest venue of their tour all year.

Some say that the music industry is tough for bands today.  To some extent this is certainly true and may even be an understatement.  However, Micheal Wilson, lead singer/ keyboardist of Wildcat! Wildcat!, described the groups increasing fame as if it was a walk in the park.  In the film he stated:

“Expectation in this band is a, is a funny concept just because from the beginning of this band it wasn’t even expected to be a band.  We were just friends getting together and we decided to play one show.  And we had to come up with a name and get a few songs recorded just in case somebody wanted to listen to it after the show.  Um, but as far as expectation goes everything’s been happening, um, so quickly…”

Like others who have been introduced to this Los Angeles trio by Hello Everywhere, I visited their website to further my interest.  Their current single, “Mr. Quiche”, is a collection of off-beat sounding instruments that come together as a smooth Dreampop flow in the chorus.  Not quite a pre-summer bash, but rather, a mellow and grooving sound perfect for this time of year.  The music video for the single is also very refreshing as it depicts the daily struggle of a wildcat (man in costume) who is making ends meat.  It’s funny and insightful at the same time…and its a wildcat mascot.

The Wildcat! Wildcat! EP has been set to release on September 10.  The band’s deput EP will contain their single, “Mr. Quiche”, and three other songs.  I should thank Taco Bell and Sam Jones for releasing and directing Hello Everywhere.  The 50 minute rockumentary can be found below.