Counterparts – The Difference Between Hell And Home

Counterparts – The Difference Between Hell And Home

Victory records Canadian import act, Counterparts, are forever maturing in their sound and their recently released LP, The Difference Between Hell and Home, is all the evidence the listener needs to know this statement to be true.  With the engineering finesse of Machine Shop‘s Will Putney, Counterparts have managed to pull off a sound combining more toned down metal-hardcore fusion.  They had once pulled off this sound before evident in their first release, “Prophets”, with the more grassroots punk feel of their sophmore album, The Current Will Carry Us.

The lyrical content has taken a turn for a more ‘jaded to humanity’ feeling along with a sense of ‘uncertainty of self’.  This is clearly stated in the opening track, Lost”.  This song is an anthem to those who do not truly know what their purpose in life is yet, but recorded in the classic Counterparts fashion with upbeat melodies and powerful lyrics.  “Lost” speaks of being proud of who one which can clearly can be interpreted in a positive aspect as well.  The lyrical content sets the stage throughout the whole album.  The listiner will continue to dwell on this  theme of uncertainty and feeling lost, which is a testement to how real of an emotion feeling that way can truly be.  

Suggested tracks are “Compass”, “Witness”, “Soil”, and “Ghost”.  Musically, they have remained somewhat all over the place.  Since they are never repetitive in their music, organized chaos would be an ideal wahy to describve them.  Never submitting to the sounds that most bands replicate, they strive to paint the opposite of a monotonous portrait, which is how many music enthusiasts view this scene. 

The future is looking bright for this young act who has continued this strong work ethic.  Ever since their commencement to the illustrious and seasoned Victory Records, their constant touring, recording, and unique sound for this band has continued to prove their success. They have managed to create something new and fresh without losing the essence that makes them Counterparts.