Check Out Australian Rap Pioneers – Hilltop Hoods

Check Out Australian Rap Pioneers – Hilltop Hoods

Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Name one rap artist outside of the states that you like.   Please comment below to shed some light on new music.  As Americans, we are very lucky to control pop culture all around the world.  Having said that, I thought it would be fair and nice to talk about some foreign musicians.

Hilltop Hoods
After countless freaking hours slapping on the keyboard tirelessly surfing Google’s sexy ass, I found Hilltop Hoods.  An Australian Hip-Hop power group that began in 1991 and is still going at it!  They’ve released six studio albums and three DVDs to date.

Hilltop Hoods are loved by Australia very much and have won many Australian Billboard Awards to prove so.  The group consists of MC Suffa (Matt Lambert), MC Pressure (Daniel Smith) and turntable master DJ Debris (Barry Francis).  The band’s influences include artists: Notorious B.I.G., KRS-One, Gang Starr, Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy.  During December 2011, Hilltop Hoods opened for Lil Wayne and Eminem’s Australian Tour.  As of right now, they are planning to release a 2014 album and hope to tour the states as soon as possible.

Listen below and get a taste of Hip Hop from DOWN UNDER!