Brutal Wednesdays – Mutoid Man

Brutal Wednesdays – Mutoid Man

Mutoid Man

Things have been a bit quiet on the Converge family front for a little while now, but that is about to change.  With a new Doomriders album on the horizon, Kurt Ballou produced albums set to come out, and now a debut from Mutoid Man.

The two piece is anchored by Cave In vocalist/guitarist, Steve Brodsky, and Converge drummer, Ben Koller.  “Gnarcissist” is quite the departure from both member’s day jobs.  Mutoid Man lives in the world of Kvelertak, Clutch, and newer Doomriders.  This is another example of bands making the crossover into a more accessible sound.  While it is highly unlikely that is either member’s focus, it cannot be ignored.  The Deathwish world will undoubtedly benefit from all these side projects that should garner a bit more mainstream attention.

Their debut album, Helium Heads, drops on November 29th via Magic Bullet/Nonbeliever Records.