Brutal Wednesdays – In Vain

Brutal Wednesdays – In Vain

Leave your breakdowns at home.

Once upon a time, metal bands ruled the Earth.  They wrote the heaviest riffs, scared the shit out of people and burned down churches.   Through watered down bloodlines and musicians’ enhanced self-righteous attitude, metal has been watered down to a digestible pop with breakdowns in tight jeans at best.  America is one of the leading causes of these false, flag carrying groups, but there is hope out there.  Forget how other countries view our political stances and try to grasp how disappointed Northern Europe is with our music.  A territory that gave us At The Gates, In Flames and countless others only to see this country crave bands like Emmure and Attila, however, the future appears bright.  It is scientific fact that Norway produces more bad ass metal bands per capita than anywhere else on Earth.  Ok perhaps that’s not scientifically proven, but it’s true.  In Vain is another great example of this phenomenon.

Categorize this in things that mainstream America will never understand; This is metal around the globe.  In Vain has been mastering melodic death metal since the early 2000’s.  With a handful of releases under their belt, they are a bit of a diamond in the rough.  Their latest release, Ænigma, is what really grabbed my attention.  Many of the tracks enter the five minute plus range but still manage the keep your attention with a unique texture of sounds, even including a saxophone.  Vocalists Frigstad and Nedland teamed up to provide the songs with a scream-sing combo any Hot Topic band could dream of.  It’s rare to find such complimentary styles that are such contrasting extremes to one another, must be something in the water. Nose to toes, this is the real deal for anyone who anyone that considers themselves a metal fan.

Let’s get our shit together, America.