Brutal Wednesdays – Centuries

Brutal Wednesdays – Centuries

Wednesdays are the worst, halfway in halfway there.  Here’s a kick in the ass to keep the week moving.


Florida is known for three things: old people, humidity, and metal.  With acts like Deicide, Shai Hulud, and Obituary hailing from America’s taint, you might just start to look at it differently.  Centuries is a perfect example of a band the grew up this variety of influences.  The band has just released their first official record, Taedium Vitae, for sale on BandCamp via Southern Lord.

Taedium Vitae, is a frantic mixture of Converge and Trap Them coupled with a bit of death metal vocals that produce very solid debut.  Recorded with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in North Carolina, this is what you want hardcore to sound like.  Centuries are a young band that should be able to find a good amount of tour opportunities.  With acts like Nails and Doomriders gaining more notoriety in this niche part of extreme music it will not be long before this name starts popping up.

Just don’t expect any breakdowns.

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