Blink-182 Concert Review | Revel, Atlantic City 09/07/2013

Blink-182 Concert Review | Revel, Atlantic City 09/07/2013

Blink 182 is one of those bands that will always hold a dear place in my heart.  From the raw pre-Travis Barker days of Dude Ranch, Cheshire Cat and Buddah, to the fame, fortune and success that followed post Enema of State, the trio has always been there for me.  They’ve made me laugh with their stupid lines about masturbating, and they’ve been there with sage girl advice, oftentimes reminding me that they too were once just stupid kids.  The problem is that Mark, Tom and Travis are no longer the stupid kids they once were.

My friends and I went to Atlantic City the other night to catch Blink 182 at Revel Casino and to later waste away all our money gambling and drinking…of course.  Their set was fantastic.  Blink played from a solid variety of albums, sticking mostly to the more popular tracks.  They finished off the night with a 22 song set list and a surprise playing of Family Reunion, A.K.A that song where they curse the whole time.  But it wasn’t so much what they played that left me with a sour taste in my mouth, but rather how.

The entire show lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is pretty quick for a 22 song set.  The problem, Blink 182 didn’t really appear comfortable as a group. It seemed like they went up on stage, went through the motions and called it a night. To be honest, it didn’t seem to me like they even wanted to be there. It was a little disheartening.

That being said, their playing was spot on.  Travis Barker is a phenomenal drummer and was my favorite part of the show.  It was obvious that he gave 110% the whole night, all while watching over his daughter and son who were sitting slightly out of sight behind his drum set.  But what really impressed me with Travis was his ability to control the real child on stage, Thomas DeLonge.

Tom was the worst part of the show.  He tried twice to introduce a song with a story, only to realize halfway through he was introducing the wrong song.  Eventually, it got to a point where any time Tom would begin to speak, Mark would cut him off or Travis would start drumming. Surprisingly enough, Tom’s vocals were fine during the songs, sounding more like the early days as opposed to the Angels and Airwaves Era.

Highlights of the show were Travis’ intro to Violence, Mark walking out with his signature neon pink bass for Carousel, and the confetti storm during Dammit.

Strictly talking music, the show was as good as any Blink show I’ve ever been to, if not better.  I think once Tom learns that this isn’t 2000 and he no longer has to make jokes about sleeping with his dad and getting hand jobs, that maybe Mark and Travis will mesh a little better with their guitarist.

The show was a fun time and I am glad I went; I even caved and bought a t-shirt.  I think I’ll see Blink next time around.  Right now, however, I’m not so sure.

Have you seen Blink on their current tour?  Where’d you see them?  Did you enjoy the show you were at?  Comment in the box below!