Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Razihel Remix)

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Razihel Remix)

Benny Benassi’s club hit “Satisfaction”, a song that seems as though it could never be over played, is back again with a dubstep remix by young Italian producer, Razihel.  Razihel has only been in the EDM scene for a short period of time, but has made great headway achieving chart topping spots with his original track, “Falcon Punch”, on and #2 for his Krewella remix on  

Prior to producing original and remixed tracks, Razihel toured around the world as singer and front-man of his screamo, post-hardcore band. Here’s what Razihel had to say about being a musician before becoming a producer:

“I think being in punk-rock, metal and hard-core bands from when I was just 14 and touring a lot helped me to grow up as a musician for sure but also as a person. You can really hear the difference between a producer who is also a real musician and can play real instruments and one who is just a producer and worked only with digital stuff,”

“I started to make Dubstep because the drops reminded me a lot of the breakdowns you find in some HC music but you can also have a really melodic build-up…it’s just what i wanted to make since i started to make music, it has everything i love… melody and heaviness in the same song”

If there is anyone to keep a look out for in the future, it’s this kid. 

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