That Bada$$ Dude Named Joey

That Bada$$ Dude Named Joey

Hip hop culture during the 21st century has changed drastically.  There now is a fine line that divides rap into two categories, commercial and underground. If you ask true fans of hip hop culture to describe what rap music is, they will say it begins with lyrics from a true emcee and ends with raw drum patterns under sampled jazz and funk chords and rhythms. For the other listener, it is a catchy hook, false advertisement of lyrics, and over produced beats. Whatever one chooses to listen to is their choice, but for this next artist, the mainstream listener might want to skip this article and keep on reading.

 Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Joey Bada$$ can be considered one of the heavy hitters in the underground scene to date. He chooses to stick the roots of 1990’s rap by writing over traditional beats with a lyrical flow that brings back that boom bap feel.  Joey first hit the scene with his track entitled “Survival Tactics” which featured one of Pro Era’s head man Capital Steez. On this track Joey recycles multiple artists flow from the 1990’s, one being Notorious B.I.G.’s from the song “Warning”.  Once released to the public, “Survival Tactics” put Joey on the map and he continued to keep it real for the true rap audience.  He continues to kill the scene with tracks such as “95 til Infinity”, “Hilary Swank”, “Waves”, and “Reign”.

Joey has just released another solo EP entitled Summer Knights, which has the hit single “My Yout”.  “My Yout” is a track of Joey’s youth and where he came from.  It incorporates traditional reggae characteristics with the guitar on the up beat, then suddenly hitting the listener with a raw beat underneath. This track features reggae artist Collie Buddz to give it that cross between reggae and rap.  Summer Knights has a track list of 17 songs and can be found below in iTunes. Also catch him on the Smokers Club Tour with Pro Era and Ab-Soul

Joey Bada$$ Feat. Capital Steez – “Survival Tactics


iTunes for EP Summer Knights