Andrew Bayer EP – Need Your Love / England / Detuned

Andrew Bayer EP – Need Your Love / England / Detuned


The new Andrew Bayer EP is easily my favorite Anjunabeats release of this year. Highlighting the amazing production skills of Bayer, there is a reason he is so highly touted by the boys of Above & Beyond. This time we are treated to 3 new Bayer tracks, “Need Your Love”, “England” and “Detuned”.  I personally have a huge amount of respect for Bayer, who is really one of the shining lights in modern electronic music production.  His very versatile and crisp productions are what he has made a name for himself as, a talented producer.

“Need Your Love” gets a a beautiful club mix , in the progressive trance type style that we have come to expect from Anjunabeats.

“England” has been the opening track for many Above & Beyond shows for the past few months, and now the original mix is finally here.  Originally released on Anjunabeats Volume. 10 and now included in Bayer’s EP, this release no different.  “England” is a quirky, electro-edged groover with a downtempo, grooving breakdown.

“Detuned” is a glitchy dubstep track that, although not the normal style of Bayer, still remains true to his sound.

All around, this is a fantastic EP of old and new; a must listen for any trance fan.