AFI Release New Song “I Hope You Suffer”

AFI Release New Song “I Hope You Suffer”


After seemingly falling out of view since 2009’s Crash Love, AFI has returned.  Fresh off the news of signing a new deal with Republic Records, fans are getting a chance to hear what they can expect from the band’s Fall slated release.

Crash Love was a very polarizing album for fans.  Some voicing disdain for the band moving farther away from their punk roots, yet critically scoring well in reviews.  “I Hope You Suffer” is not about to end this dichotomy.  The band has regained the darker vibe of Sing The Sorrow and coupled it with a more mature sense of songwriting.  If this track is any indication of what the rest of the album will be like, it is not hard to see the path AFI and Republic hope to carve out for a band so far into their career.  Having grown from the punk rock world to Warped Tour to MTV Award Shows, the alternative world in its entirety is the next step.  Touring with much bigger acts, more radio play, and the marketing campaign to match will become status quo.

However, that is not to say it feels like the band is compromising anything.  “I Hope Your Suffer” is an AFI start to finish.  While most lifers will clamor for the days of The Art of Drowning, it makes sense this is what an AFI song sounds like.  From the lyrics to the art, this band has always been about things on a bigger scale and not repeating themselves.  This song serves as a proper teaser for what can be expected to come this Fall.

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